The planning office is able to study the customer’s drawings  and by creating designs with a sophisticated Cad system, we perform complex parts that require an accurate manufacture with solid modeling CAD- CAM.

Pedrali Meccanica S.r.l., thanks to its experience and its technical staff is constantly looking for new production processes, new methods of production and control with the aim of increasing the quality of production, reducing costs.

Our Company is able to do operations on components that have been already subject to wear and for use in the field. 

It is necessary  an inspection by one of our expert Engineer, who will consider  the feasibility of repair.

Several commonly used products to mechanics and all'indrustria of all our areas of work, are always available in our warehouse. Therefore, you may need only a supply order and in a few days we can provide what you need.

Each machine is managed by a software capable of sending data at constant update on the process to a centralized software platform, managed by the commercial office. This allows us to know in real time the progress of work of each customer, to take action on the problems instantly, but above all to have a calendar of past and future programming, 2 shifts, regularly updated.

ISO-9001 bw

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