Pedrali Meccanica Srl founded in 1973 by Francesco Pedrali. began as a small family business to meet the market locle light engineering and assembly and maintenance of industrial plants. In principle to meet the needs of the burgeoning industry in the province of Bergamo.

He specializes in turning quickly to small and medium sized industrial. Soon passes to work even components is large.

Accuracy, timing speed, quality of work, in the late 70 'have a winning strategy for the market. From now on, enlarging its boundaries and begins to work throughout the north of Italy.

The natural history of this company is to follow other production processes, resulting from the turning or processes, or for further processing of the pieces, and over the years has specialized in milling and boring precision mechanical parts rolled, forged and molded, medium and large size.

The sectors in which they operate increases, the boilerwork, switch to the field of 'conventional energy, mechanical, petrochemical, steel, engineering and rail. All this in the course of the years 90 '.

To date, in 2000 the new areas of intervention become both the green energy such as wind compay is the modern nuclear energy. (see in detail Pedrali Mechanics today)

For years, the commitment, customer care, dedication to Sigolo work, entrepreneurial spirit and the look on the market and the future, were the engines of a company that has been able to grow and evolve in the Italian market.

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