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Nuclear project - 2011 Featured

A pertire the spring of 2011 Pedrali mechanics is involved in an ambitious project: Design and construction work for the head of a nuclear fission reactor. The difficulties are numerous, precise attention microscopic become a matter of safety and work efficiency. here is step by step our work:

The component of the reactor is designed in every detail with modern CAD-CAM programs. Able to provide for measures, weight and resistance of materials and the various points perforated. The element is in all respects a 3D object that can be swirled and molded by softweare, simulating resistance tests and future work machine

prog1.jpg prog2.jpg prog3.jpg prog4.jpg prog5.jpg prog6.jpg

Our return receive instructions directly to Computer Play, working on every machine movement to create the 3D model, starting from a pre cylinder shaped.

Here is the head takes shape.

cont1.jpg cont2.jpg cont3.jpg

  Immediately switches to control phase and measurements. Is inspected every surface with special machines and ultrasound scanners. But continues to be important to verify dell'umo, here we see that fell directly within the component.

fin0.jpg fin1.jpg fin2.jpg fin3.jpg fin4.jpg

  Here is the "piece" finished and ready to move on to the heat treatment of the material to other plants before being assembled on site.

tra1.jpg tra2.jpg tra3.jpg

  Inultimo but no less important, is the transport phase, careful and precise. Delicate stage where you can nullify all previous stage if not done correctly.

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