Areas of Use

Our measurement field starts from 25mm up to a maximum of 4200mm in digital. We have also a calibrating table TRIMOS (length 3000mm) as primary tool for checking gauges.


Our workshop is equipped with the latest generation machines such as boring-and-milling machine, and lathes ( turning mill, centre lathe and automatics). Structures up to 60 tons and 4200 mm of diameter.


The term steel refers to a specific field of metallurgy, which concerns the technique of minerals processing with a high content of iron, in order to obtain alloys, including steels and alloy steels.

Conventional Energy

Coal and wood station might not be the future of energy in our country but in conventional energy field, the district heating burners and natural gas power plants will take hold. So this area will remain a priority for our Company.


Our lathes permit us to produce turned and milled parts with the shortest cycle times. We are able to work particulars details essential in systems subjected to structural stress.

Renewable Energy

Thanks to the attention of the media and citizens, more and more industries and governments look for renewable energy sources. Pedrali Meccanica S.r.l joins in particular the industry producing wind turbines. We collaborate with our customers in the planning phase in order to obtain the best result. In the future we are looking for a specialization in the geothermal sector and especially in the marine field.

Nuclear Energy

We made covers for nuclear reactors. In this area, more than ever, machining accuracy and
control means safety and protection for the environment! The company operates in accordance with certified procedures by competent entities.


Industrial plants in the chemical and petrochemical industries need to forced piping, big steelwork, tanks and boilers fire tubes. Also large plants with industrial furnaces, benefit a lot of our work. Pedrali Meccanica S.r.l specializes in the planning and manufacture of boilers more or less heavy and the following products, mainly plants in the Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Oil & Gas.

Construction Equipement

One of the earliest and most historic area in which our Company is specialized is about the transport. At first, 1970s, with the railways, and in the following years also aeronautic and rubber.


This is one of the last area in which Pedrali Meccanica S.r.l is investing good energies. Thanks to its expertise and experience in the field of generic transport, aeronautical sector also asks us to work for the mechanical components of the engine.

Head Office

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