The Company
Since 1973

Pedrali Meccanica was founded in 1973 by Francesco Pedrali. A tiny family-run company which starts to open itself to the local engineering market, to the assemblies and to the mechanical systems.

The company focuses on the study of high performance production systems and it specializes very quickly in turning of small and medium pieces. New CNC machines for milling and boring of rolled, forged and molded pieces make today Pedrali Meccanica srl a more flexible, dynamic and competitive company.


Pedrali Meccanica
Investment & Knowledge

With some goods investiments and its know-how, Pedrali Meccanica inagurated in 2007 a second workshop in Albano Sant’Alessandro, dedicated to the turning, milling and drilling of big pieces up to 60 ton.

Focusing on the improvement of quality and production management, the company increases its works in different sectors, machining different kind of materials, such as alloy steel (carbon steel, duplex and super-duplex) in all its structures.

"Its customer care, its dedication to every single work, together with its entrepreneurial spirit and the look on the future market are even now the engines of this Comapany, which is growing in the Italian and international market."

ISO Standards

Pedrali Meccanica S.r.l works accordingly to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 in order to guarantee high quality standars to its customers. Moreover, important companies in the nuclear field authorize Pedrali Meccanioca S.r.l to machine nuclear parts with internal audit and certification.

UNI Standards

This was perhaps the most effective force in the market for our 40 years of operation and expansion! Precise measurements, control, manufacturing technologically advanced and instruments calibrated are in accordance with the regulations UNI10699.

Head Office

Via Sottoprovinciale, 20/A
   24021 Albino (BG) - Italy

+39 035 75.23.35