Our Services

Pedrali Meccanica S.r.l. operates in a wide range of services in both the mechanical and energy fields.


  • Complex geometries
  • 3D

Our technical department has up-to-date computers and programs for studing the drawing of our customers and planning the mechanical processing which need four-axes machining or CAD-CAM for an accurate work.

Mechanical Processing

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling

Thanks to our high-tech production site and our know-how we can offer precision machining as:
Turning, milling, drilling and boring of forged, roll and mould pieces, for both small-medium and big sizes.

Chromatic Map

  • 3D Report
  • Deviations
  • Scan

The chromatic map is a 3D report, where the diffent colour underline the variances, comparing the CAD model to the scan.

Polygonal Mesh

  • Mapping .STL e .OBJ
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Detail scan

The polygonal mesh is a mapping in standard output format (.STl or .OBJ) of the three-dimensional scanned points. This is the part from which the Reverse Engineering begings.

3D Scan

  • 3D Scanner
  • Protopization
  • Deviations

Using technological 3D scanners, we can make full-field, laser or discrete point 3D scans with very high precision, digitizing the surfaces of any object quickly and accurately. The 3D file will be a cloud of points or polygonal meshes saved in more common formats such as (STL, DXF 3D, WRML, OBJ, PLY…) The polygonal or mesh models can be used and integrated directly into the various Reverse Engineering processes, quick prototyping or used for dimensional control, creating chromatic reports for quality checks.

3D Measurement

  • High precision
  • Optimized 3D
  • Model comparison

The dimensional control is one of the most important document which guarantees the quality checking of the production. 3D files that come from the scanning are used also for Dimensional control which enables object to be surveyed, analysed and compared with thei original designs:
both for small moulded pieces and forged big parts. Thanks to specific control softwares, chromatic maps are created comparing and overlying the digital model to the original 3D CAD file. Any divergence, deformation or out of tolerance sizes are underlined with coloured tags on the map.

Reverse Engineering

  • 3D models from scan
  • Digital manufacturing

The process of trasforming or reconstructing 3D surfaces of a physical object from a scan is called Reverse Engineering. The cloud of points or the polygonal model we obtained through the 3D scanning can be processed and reconstructed into modelling and manipulable mathematical surfaces with CAD/CAD software. Editing can be made now directly on the virtual model. The final resulti s a perfectly optimized 3D CAD file, ready to be used and integrated into several production processes. Thanks of these 3D scanning technologies, any copmponent can be measured and created again in all its parts with highly digital measurement techniques. This takes less time than manual measurement merhods.
The 3D scanning measuring process speeds up the whole engineering procedure, for this reason digital manufacturing techniques will become more and more used in our sector.

Production Process

  • Real-time data
  • Centralized software
  • Shift scheduling calendar

Each machine is managed by a software capable of sending data at constant update on the process to a centralized software platform, managed by the commercial office. This allows us to know in real time the progress of work of each customer, to take action on the problems instantly, but above all to have a calendar of past and future programming, 2 shifts, regularly updated.


  • Work on worn components
  • Inspection
  • Feasibility report

Our Company is able to do operations on components that have been already subject to wear and for use in the field. It is necessary an inspection by one of our expert Engineer, who will consider the feasibility of repair.

Head Office

Via Sottoprovinciale, 20/A
   24021 Albino (BG) - Italy

+39 035 75.23.35