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This was perhaps the most effective force in the market for our 50 years of operation and expansion! Precise measurements, control, manufacturing technologically advanced and instruments calibrated are in accordance with the regulations UNI10699.


The care for the customer, the dedication to the single work, the entrepreneurial spirit and the look on the market, have been the engines of a company that has been able to grow and evolve in the Italian market, always vigilant to offer an impeccable service.


Pedrali Meccanica S.r.l has the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for the quality management system, thanks to which it guarantees its customers high quality standards and accurate control over production processes to meet the established times.

Our Services


Our technical department is equipped with modern computers and programs for the management of solids thanks to which it is able to study the customer's design and program complex processes.

Mechanical Processing

Thanks to our high-tech production site and our know-how we can offer precision machining as: Turning, milling, drilling and boring of forged, roll and mould pieces, for both small-medium and big sizes.

Chromatic Map

The chromatic map is a 3D report, where the different colour underline the variances, comparing the CAD model to the scan. We will always use cutting-edge 3D technologies.

Polygonal Mesh

The polygonal mesh is a mapping in standard output format (.STl or .OBJ) of the three-dimensional scanned points. This is the part from which the Reverse Engineering begings.

Some of our Productions

Nuclear reactor

We manufacture many components for the nuclear industry, such as reactor covers.

Cardan Joint

Mostly used in the agricultural machinery sector, it serves to transmit rotary motion between two axes.

Manifold Y

We produce a wide range of manifolds including Y-shaped manifolds of various sizes.

Head Office

Via Sottoprovinciale, 20/A
   24021 Albino (BG) - Italy

+39 035 75.23.35